WASHINGTON producers

Airfresh Seafoods

Fresh or Frozen Salmon: Sockeye, Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, King, Steelhead (H/G, Steaked, Fillets (skon, skoff, pho, phi) portions, Smoked. Live, Fresh or Frozen Crab: King, Bairdi, Opilio, Dungeness (Live, Whole Cooked, Sections, Meat). Fresh or Frozen Halibut (H/G, Steaks, Fillets, Fletches, Portions, Steak Ready). Rockfish, Squid, Ikura, Sujiko, Kosher Lox, Kosher Caviar, Hot Smoked Salmon & Halibut, Salmon Jerky. Specialty Items: Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Salmon Bacon, Geoducks, Razor Clams, & Manila Clams.


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Clipper Seafoods

Whole Alaska Cod, H&G Alaska Cod, Alaska Cod (Fillets, Livers, Stomachs, Collars, Roe, and Milt), H&G Alaska Pollock, Idiot Fish, Rockfish, Arrowtooth Flounder, Skate, H&G Sablefish (Black Cod), Sablefish (Heads & Collars), HG&T Alaska Greenland Turbot, Alaska Greenland Turbot (Heads & Tails).


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Jamestown Seafood

Live Oysters, Jades, Opals, Geoduck


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Native Trust Seafood

Geoduck Clam - Sequim Bay, Geoduck Clam - Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound, Hood Canal Regions


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Quinault Pride Seafood

Dungeness Crab, King (Chinook), Troll Kings & Silvers, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Razor Clams, Sable Fish (Black Cod), Silver (Coho) Salmon, Quinault Blueback Salmon (Sockeye), Steelhead, White Sturgeon


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Sister Sky

Sweetgrass Body Mist, Sweetgrass Smudge Spray, Sweetgrass Bath Bomb, Gift Sets, Body Lotion (Sweetgrass, White Willow, & Kevin's Care Lotion, Sweetgrass Shampoo & Conditioner, Sweetgrass Body Wash, White Willow Body Wash, Sweetgrass Soap Bar, & Travel Sizes